hybridCore Benefits
The savings are revolutionary. Because of the cost efficiencies inherent in a controlled environment, a HybridCore Home could be up to 20% less to construct than a standard built home. Factor in reduced interest carrying charges and reduced plan development costs, and the savings could approach 30%.

Construction time is cut to the core. A HybridCore Home typically takes half the time compared to a conventional site-built home, resulting in reduced financing costs and insurance costs.  And, because you get a firm price on a large portion of the home at the time of purchase, you can control costs and leave less room for cost overruns.

Big savings on architectural and engineering costs. In fact, we have a library of plans with 100+ designs and 9 elevations to appeal to various regions of the country. All elevations are interchangeable with any plan (See Styles Page). And, if our plans don't meet your tastes - no problem, HCH will custom design a home just for you (additional fees for this service). Our homes are available in a variety of sizes to fit your lot dimensions; home widths range from 25-feet and up. We even have second-dwelling units and multi-family plans.

World famous brands welcome you home. Our homes feature high-quality Frigidaire and Electrolux appliances,  comforting Johns Manville insulation and "green" Glidden low VOC paints. Most homeowners will be very satisfied with the standard features provided in our homes.  But, to suit your individual tastes, we do offer upgrades on appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinets and countertops, lighting, and more.

​A solid warranty protects your future. HybridCore Homes' national manufacturer provides a one-year service warranty on the core's plumbing, wiring, appliances, etc., plus a 10-year structural warranty on the core.

Nothing sacrificed. Built to the same code as traditional residential structures, the Core is inspected by State regulated 3rd party inspectors at different stages of construction as it progresses through the production facility. This allows the structural, electrical, windows, plumbing and mechanical systems of the core to be completed and delivered to the final homesite without requiring field inspections of these areas. Local jurisdictions then inspect the attachment of the core to the foundation as well as the construction for the balance of the home.

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