What is a hybridCore Home?
A hybridCore Home is a "hybrid" between a factory-built core and conventional construction. The factory-built core contains the more costly areas typically found in home construction. It contains all the "wet" areas - kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry hookups. The core will therefore include all of the appliances, fixtures, cabinetry and countertops typically associated with these rooms. The cores also include some components of the mechanical system.
Shaun Faber and Kevin Farrell, Founding Partners
Formed by Kevin and Shaun in 1989, Farrell Faber and Associates, Inc is an innovative and award-winning architectural and design firm located in the heart of California's wine country. Kevin and Shaun each have nearly 30 years of residential design experience and have a breadth of work that spans all architectural styles from modern to traditional, and includes homes throughout the western states.

At Farrell Faber and Associates and at hybridCore Homes, we believe in a team approach, utilizing our strong creative design skills, technical planning and process, industry relationships, and a detailed understanding of homeowner's needs and partnering those strengths with the abilities and efficiencies of the home-building facilities to create exciting new homes.
Who is hybridCore Homes now?
When the core leaves the home-building facility, it is complete and ready to be installed on the foundation. The core is sheetrocked, textured, and painted, with all electrical lighting, fixtures, and switches installed. All windows are installed, including trim. The cores come with OSB sheathing on the exterior walls, ready for your contractor to install whatever type of siding is desired.
The cores undergo constant quality control during construction and are inspected in the facility to meet the same strict building regulations (IBC) as traditional construction.
Once the core is placed on the foundation, the builder is now ready to add the conventionally constructed areas of the home.  This will always be the lesser expensive areas of the home - typically garage, entry, and bedrooms, but in some cases also living and dining areas. Not only are these areas less expensive to construct but they also involve fewer trades and invariably are faster to complete.

How did hybridCore Homes begin?
HybridCore Homes is the product of four industry veterans, one of which is a builder like you.  Prior to hybridCore Homes, Bob O'Neel and his company, Young America Homes, built over 10,000 homes, primarily in Northern California. He was always faced with tough decisions - where to build in quality and where to save dollars. He struggled with the pitfalls of scheduling, cost overruns, and the crippling recession. Nevertheless, Bob and his team had a dream. 
Bob, together with a veteran real estate expert, Clint Wilson, and the award-winning architectural firm of Farrell-Faber and Associates, envisioned a "hybrid" home.  It "married" the traditional stick-built structure with one partially constructed in a facility utilizing precision production. The result is the revolutionary hybridCore Home, a solution that keeps builders ahead of the economic curve by allowing them to construct a beautifully designed, high-quality home for less money, time and energy. 
Bob and Clint have branched off and are now pursuing out of state developments, using the hybridCore home product. HybridCore Homes continues to be thankful for their contributions to the development of our company.
Matt grew up in Santa Cruz County and attended Cal Poly SLO and CSU Sacramento where he received a Bachelor Science degree in Business Administration. Matt’s management and leadership experience stems 20+ years with focuses on operational management, project management and operational efficiencies. His previous experience in the appliance construction and project management industry pairs well with his current responsibilities as Director of Operations for hybridCore Homes. Matt and the team at hybridCore Homes are focused on providing clients with improved cost efficiencies, high quality sustainable construction and speed of completion. Matt is married with two high school children and lives locally in Santa Rosa.

Matt Hernandez, Director of Operations
hybridCore Homes
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